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Dominic Donnini

Acting Corporate Director - Dominic Donnini

Cumbria County Council's Resources Directorate’s vision is to provide excellent, high quality and value for money support services that underpin every aspect of the business of the council, which deliver better outcomes for Cumbrian residents and visitors.

We will help to deliver efficiencies and work to support the council in achieving its aim to be “a modern, high performing council that is in touch with local people and places, and which responds to their different needs in a way which delivers excellent value for money.”

Resources manages a number of key functions which support the delivery of front-line services to the public.  This includes supporting elected members to enable them to manage the council effectively and providing financial and property resources for the day-to-day operation of key services.  To ensure that the council provides value for money and operates to the highest standards of conduct the directorate also provides legal, financial and audit services.

The main activities can be summarised as follows: 

  • Supporting and advising the democratic process
  • Ensuring that the council has a sound Corporate Governance framework
  • Preparing the council's medium term financial strategy, setting out the revenue and capital budgets for three years.
  • Maintaining sound financial administration and stewardship, including budget monitoring
  • Pension fund management
  • Risk management and insurance services
  • Managing the council's properties
  • The provision of legal advice to the County Council
  • Review processes through Audit
  • Providing professional and technical support across the council and in partnership


Our Services:

  • Finance and Audit 
  • Legal and Democratic Services
  • Strategic Investment and Property Services