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Cumbria Reablement Service

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What is reablement?

The Reablement Service aims to help people regain their independence following an illness, injury, disability or loss of personal support network.  It is a free service and is provided for a short intensive period of time, usually no longer than six weeks.

The Reablement Service will work with individuals to help them to do things for themselves rather than do things for them.  It will focus on an individualís strengths and abilities and help them build up their confidence in doing things for themselves such as:

  • getting up, washed and dressed;
  • preparing meals and snacks;
  • getting about in and out of their home;
  • doing household tasks like shopping, pension and laundry; and
  • getting involved in social and leisure activities.

Who is reablement for?

Reablement is for people:
  • aged 18 or over and living in Cumbria
  • who would benefit from reablement and be able to regain at least some of their independence;
  • who live in their own home or would be able to live in the community with some support.

Carers may also be able to have reablement to help them to continue to look after someone.

A specialist pathway for people having a mental health need is currently under development.

Reablement may not be for people who:

  • need specialist rehabilitation - there are other services called Short Term Intervention (STINT) or Community Rehabilitation Services or Early Community Response Team [ECRT], which provide this; or
  • do not want or are not prepared to engage with reablement.

People receiving reablement do not have to be assessed as eligible under Fair Access to Care Services (FACS) eligibility criteria as for prevention services.

How long is reablement provided for?

Reablement is usually provided for up to six weeks or less.

Is there a charge for reablement?

Reablement is provided free of charge for up to six weeks or less. Equipment and adaptations up to a cost of £1,000, and Telecare or assistive technology, provided as part of the reablement episode would also be provided free of charge.

However, there may be a charge for:

  • other services an individual receives during a reablement episode; or
  • ongoing support following the end of a reablement episode.

These chargeable services will also be subject to an assessment of need and Fair Access to Care Services (FACS) eligibility criteria.  If a customer or a carer has concerns about their support and the assessment process we can tell them about independent organisations they can speak to for support with this process.

Where is reablement available?

Reablement is available across Cumbria for new customers to Adult Social Care and existing customers who experience a change in circumstances or have a review of their services.  

How do I request reablement?

You can request reablement for an individual (subject to availability as above) through your nearest Adult Social Care office.

Requests should only be made with the consent of the individual.

For more information on the Reablement Service

For more information about the Reablement Service contact:

Anne Phillips
Lead for Reablement
Tel: 07837 113472