Advance order collections

Please note the following collections or part collections require users to contact us and order in advance. This is because they are either stored at our Carlisle outstore or need additional time for us to produce them at Kendal. Further details on individual records can be found on our online catalogue CASCAT.

Contact Barrow Archives: 1 week's advance notice. These records will be produced at Carlisle Archives
BTCC/4: Barrow-in-Furness County Court bankruptcy case files

Contact Carlisle Archives: 24 hours' advance notice required as kept in cold store. These records will be produced at Carlisle Archives
BA/S/E/1-2: engineer's dept drawing negatives
DKIN/2/124-127: misc films
DPH/2/62: Slee family research files on CD
DS 9/4/1: Tape recording of an interview with Mr Mounsey of Longtown
DSO/1/93: 'Wardman's Walkabout 2: The Corporation Yard'
DSO 157/27: Princess Royal visit to W.I.
DSO 332/7/5: VHS tape, celebrating 75 years of the Cumberland Women's Institute
DX 1879: Digital copy of the Account Book of Thomas Stevenson, Merchant of Leith, 1656-1672
DX 2036: misc films, Carlisle
DX 2102: Cumbrian Voices Spoken History Project
DX 2174/1: A photographic survey of buildings in Brampton
DX 2188/1/1-13: digital copies photographs various
DX 2213: Edmond Castle, Warwick Bridge cine films
SPC 105/2/4: CD copy of the burial registers for St Cuthbert's Church, Wigton
WDMD: Margaret and Percy Duff Collection
WDSO 344/17: Negatives of Photographs used in the Kirkby Stephen Messenger newspaper and Herald newspaper
WDX 1615: F T Bell Photographic Collection

Contact Kendal Archives: 1 week's advance notice. These records will be produced at Carlisle Archives
WC/W/A1568: Westmorland County Council, administrative files
WDB 57: Ibis Engineering Limited, Kendal
WDB 100: Raymond Jay, Architect of Colthouse, Hawkshead
WDHEW: Hewetson and Bunney Family of Ravenstonedale
WDSO 2: Kendal and District Guild of Service

Contact Kendal Archives: 1 week's advance notice. These records will be produced at Kendal Archives. Please note there is a maximum of 10 pre-ordered production requests per person per day.
WC/C: K.S. Himsworth Papers (County Clerk & Clerk to the Lieutenancy)
WC/C: County Valuation Committee; Correspondence And Miscellaneous Papers
WC/C: General Purposes
WC/C: L.G.R.; Education Project Group, County Joint Comm., Clerk's Co-ordinating Working Party
WC/C: Contracts
WC/CDEF: Civil Defence
WC/E: Files, Mainly Re School Meals
WC/F: Fire Brigade & Ambulance Service
WC/W: Committee Minutes (Eg South Westmorland Guardians & Children's Committee) & News Cuttings File
WC/Y: Youth Service
WDAG: Probates
WDBC: Binyon & Chapman, Solicitors, Ulverston
WDBGLD: Bigland Family of Bigland Hall
WDBS: Westmorland War Agricultural Committee Papers, 1918-1919
WDBS: Estate Plan Cat. No. 1141-1184
WDCB: Clara Boyle of Eller Howe, Ambleside (Wife of Harry)
WDCFH: Cumbria Family History Society
WDCR: Crewdson family of Kendal
WDCRK: Crackanthorpe family of Newbiggin
WDFA/4: Personal and political papers of Trevor Farrer
WDFCM 1-9: Methodist records (does not include registers on microfilm)
WDGH: Gatey, Heelis & Co., Solicitors
WDHB/1-2: Manor of Smardale (4 Boxes)
WDHOTH: Hothfield of Appleby Castle
WDHW: Hayton Winkley, Solicitors, Kendal & Windermere
WDK: Glass Plate Negatives. Mr Duff, Ravenstonedale
WDLH: Len Hayton
WDMDS: Mike Davies-Shiel Papers
WDMG: Metcalfe-Gibson family of Ravenstonedale
WDRG/2133: Westmorland Volunteer Regiment
WDSTAN: Stanley Family of Witherslack (Halecat)
WDTGF: Dr. Terence G. Fahy of Shaw End
WDU: Underley Estates
WDVAS: Josefina De Vasconcellos, Sculptor
WDWHP: Prof. W.H. Pearsall
WDB 21: Provincial Insurance Co., Kendal
WDB 25: Gill, Dockray, Rhodes & Moore, Architects, Kendal
WDB  61: K Shoemakers Ltd. Kendal
WDB 84: Ellwood, Carriers of Ayside
WDB 86: Thomas H. Mawson & Son, Landscape Architects, Lancaster
WDB 87: J. Nicholson, Estate Agent & Auctioneer, Windermere
WDB 95: Arthur Egglestone, Ironmonger, Appleby
WDB 97: I. Dalrymple, Photographer, Kendal
WDB 101: Messrs Woolley, Ladies & Gents Outfitters, Kendal
WDB 103: John Croft, Blacksmith of Grayrigg
WDB 102: Windermere & District Electricity Supply Co. Ltd.
WDB 109: The Old Smithy, Cartmel
WDB 110: Lakeland Rural Industries, Borrowdale
WDB 111: Anvil Gallery, Cartmel
WDB 112: J. Crossfield, Grocer, Stationer & Draper, Arnside
WDB 116: F.W. Boon, Chemist, Kendal
WDB 117: John West & Sons, Coal Merchants, Windermere
WDB 119: John Graham & Son, Drapers, Kendal
WDB 120: James Thompson & Co., Card Manufacturers, Kendal
WDB 121: W.A. Fell Ltd., Woodwork Machine Makers, Kendal
WDB 128: Kirkby Stephen Co-Operative Society
WDB 147: Peter Birchall, Acountant
WDB 157: Tebay Co-Operative
WDB 158: Joseph Sarginson Ltd., Joiner & Builder, Eamont Bridge
WDB 161: Haigh Architects, Kendal
WDB 162: Castle Head Field Studies Centre, Near Grange-Over-Sands
WDEC 1: Burton-In-Kendal Educational Foundation
WDEC 2: St. Anne's Hospital, Appleby
WDEC 3: Ravenstonedale Educational Foundation
WDEC 4: Dr.Smith's School Foundation, Asby
WDEC 5: Kendal Charitable Funds Committee
WDEC 6: Ambleside Charity Trust
WDEC 7: Kaber School Charity
WDEC 8: Bull Land & Dame School, Great Strickland
WDEC 9: Dean Barwick Trust
WDEC 10: League of Friends & Comforts Fund of Westmorland County Hospital
WDEC 11: Kendal Sick Poor Society
WDEC  12: Kendal Voluntary Old People's Committee
WDEC 13: Burneside Charities
WDEC 14: Combined Dent Charities
WDEC 15: Troutbeck General Charitable Trust
WDEC 16: Hutton Roof Quarries
WDEC 17: Kirkby Stephen United Charities
WDEC 18: Sedbergh United Charities & Widows' Hospital
WDEC 19: Hedley Foundation
WDEC 20: League of Friends of Kendal Green Hospital
WDEC 21: Woodhead Estate, Lowther
WDEC 22: Lowther Parish Hall
WDEC 23: Askham Community Centre
WDEC 24: Middleton Charities
WDEC 25: Kendal Relief In Need Charity
WDEC 26: St. Helen's Almshouses, Asby
WDEC 27: Langdale Charities
WDEC 28: Charity of Mary Keightley, Endmoor Choral Society
WDEC 29: Mary Fletcher Charity
WDEC 30: John Fleming Foundation
WDEC 31: Crosby Garrett School & Exhibition Endowment
WDEC 32: Frances Sewell Charity
WDEC 33: Reverend William Bird's Charity
WDEC 34: Sedbergh British Legion & United Services Benevolent Committee
WDEC 35: Windermere & District Returned Forces Benevolent & Relief Fund
WDEC 36: West Ward Relief Fund
WDEC 37: Jopson's Trust, Staveley
WDEC 39: Allithwaite School & House Charitable Trust
WDEC 40: Beetham Exhibition Trust
WDEC 41: Westmorland Arts Trust
WDEC 42: The Braithwaite Hall
WDEC 44: Treloar Trust
WDEC 45: Burton-In-Kendal Educational Charities
WDEC 46: Stainton Greenhow Charity
WDEC 47: Cartmel Fell Education Foundation
WDEC 48: Greenhow Kendal Charity Trust
WDEC 49: Save The Children (Kendal Branch)
WDS 46: Appleby Grammar School
WDS 74: Windermere Lakes School
WDS 140: Sedbergh School
WDS 156: Asby Endowed School
WDS 157: Cartmel Grammar School
WDSO 42: Girl Guides Association
WDSO 80: Kendal R.U.F.C.
WDSO 99: Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society
WDSO 108: Cumbrian Railways Association
WDSO 117: Friends of the Lake District
WDSO 138: Brough & Brough Sowerby Women's Institute
WDSO 139: Eamont Bridge Women's Institute
WDSO 140: Great Strickland Women's Institute
WDSO 141: Hutton Roof Women's Institute
WDSO 142: Knock Women's Institute
WDSO 143: Mallerstang Women's Institute
WDSO 144: Middleton Women's Institute
WDSO 145: Newbiggin Women's Institute
WDSO 146: North Stainmore Women's Institute
WDSO 147: Pooley Bridge Women's Institute
WDSO 148: Temple Sowerby Women's Institute
WDSO 149: Tirril Women's Institute
WDSO 150: Waitby & Smardale Women's Institute
WDSO 158: Garth Row & Skelsmergh Women's Institute
WDSO 185: Lancaster University Archaeological Unit (LUAU)/Oxford Archaelology North
WDSO 211: Cumbria Industrial History Society
WDSO 305: Windermere Deanery Mothers' Union
WDSO 306: Patterdale Branch Mothers' Onion
WDSO 330: Burneside Cricket Club
WDSO 370: Lake District Summer Music Festival
WDSO 372: Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal
WDSO 373: The Wainwright Society
WDSO 395: Staveley Cricket Club
WDX 547: Fleming Family
WDX 1105: Torbock of Crossrigg Hall
WDX 1436: Eden Village Project: Files Relating To A Survey of Eden Valley Villages
WDX 1780: Robinson Library
WDX 1886: Whineray Family Papers
WDX 1891: Gibson & Jones Family Genealogy (G. Godwin)
WPC 3: Holme Parish Council
WPC 13: Kirkby Stephen Parish Council
WPC 24: Milnthorpe Parish Council
WPC 54: Langdale Parish Council
WPC 73: Sockbridge & Tirril Parish Council
WQ/A: Administration
WQ/C: Clerk of The Peace
WQ/F: Finance
WQ/I: Indictment Books
WQ/J: Justices of The Peace
WQ/JC: Calendars of Prisoners
WQ/M: Minute Books
WQ/O: Order Books
WQ/RIP: Miscellaneous Inclosure Papers
WQ/RLT: Land Tax
WQ/RP: Papists
WQ/RPA: Annuities
WQ/RS/B: Savings Banks
WQ/RS/F: Freemasons
WQ/RS/FB: Friendly Societies
WQ/RS/L: Literary & Scientific Societies
WQ/RS/Z: Miscellaneous Societies
WQ/RTT: Turnpike Trusts
WQ/SPC: Sessions Papers
WQ/SPT: Transportation Bonds
WQ/SR: Sessions Rolls
WSBB: Westmorland Burial Boards
WSCONS: Westmorland Constabulary
WSCONSW: Westmorland Constabulary
WSCONSK: Kendal Constabulary
WSCONSC: Cumbria Constabulary
WSNWA: Lakes And Lune Water Board
WSR: Kendal Reservoir Commissioners
WSRB: Drainage Board
WST: Turnpike Trusts
WSMBK: Rate Books (1854-1914)   A417
WSPUE: East Ward Poor Law Union
WSPUK: Kendal Poor Law Union
WSPUW: West Ward Poor Law Union
WSRC 1-2: Folder Plans, Papers Mortgage Agreements etc
WSRDNW: North Westmorland
WSRDSW: South Westmorland Rural District Council Treasurer's Department
WSRDSW: South Westmorland Rural District Council Building Control Plans
WSUDG: Grange Urban District Council
WSUDL: Lakes Urban District Council
WTHOS: Westmorland Hospitals
WTOP: Old Age Pensions
WTCRNW: Coroners Records: North Westmorland
WTPS: Petty Sessions (Magistrates)

Contact Whitehaven Archives: 1 week's advance notice. These records will be produced at Carlisle Archives
CQPWC: West Cumbria Petty Sessional Divisional Records, 1976-2005
DA: Allison, solicitors of Whitehaven
DBEN: Benson, solicitors of Cockermouth
DBT/1-2: Brockbank and Tyson letter books and bill books, 1880s-1940s
DCU/5/VOUCHERS: Curwen estate vouchers, 1770-1953
DCU/15: Curwen, modern estate conveyances, 1930s-1970s
DWM/166-247, 625-755: bill books, drafts, miscellaneous 
SDA: Allerdale Borough Council
SMBWO/2/1/1/16-48 general ledgers, 1892-1930 and SMBWO/2/4/173-191, Workington rate books, 1970-1974
SRDE/1/5: Ennerdale RDC contracts and SRDE/2/1, general ledgers
SRDM/2/1: Millom RDC general ledgers
SUDC/3/11-12: Cockermouth UDC building plans and applications
TNCB/OPENCAST: opencast mining plans and files
YDB 61: Mitchell's Auction Company Limited
YDB 79: Wardell-Armstrong Archaeology
YDS 60/1/5 and YDS 60/1/8: St Bees School general correspondence/headmaster's reports
YDSO 39/1-51: Oxford Archaeology North / Lancaster University Archaeological Unit
YDX 441: Papers of John Irwin
YSPC 3/6: Bootle tithe plan
YTCR 3: West Cumbria Coroner
YTHOS 1: West Cumberland Hospital Management Committee
YTHOS 2/5 and YTHOS 2/9: West Cumberland Hospital, patients' and births registers