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Up-and-coming Archive Events

Discovery Open Evenings at Whitehaven Archive and Local Studies Centre
 Interested in your local history? Miners or mariners in the family? Are you curious about what west Cumbria was like to live and work in 100 years ago?
 Explore specially selected archives and dig into the past at the Discovery Open Evenings, third Tuesday of every month.
 First Discovery Open Evening of the New Year on Tuesday, 17 January 2017, and will feature archive staff favourite documents. Some are fun, some are just lovely to look out, but be warned - one or two are quite poignant. Doors open 7pm, and it's free Refreshments available.

It's free. No booking is required - just turn up. Refreshments available. If you'd like more information, please contact Whitehaven Archives

Barrow Archives Art Exhibition

New exhibition featuring original drawings by local artists including George Romney, Ben Lones, Abel Masson, Howard Penton, Ernest Sansom.