Early Help Assessment

Are you working with a child in need of early help that you think would benefit from the help of one or more other agencies? Then raise an Early Help Assessment.

Early Help is everyone's responsibility and any professional working with a child can initiate an assessment.

To initiate an Early Help Assessment you will need to register that you have done so, please see the documents below.

Early Help Assessments will continue to be registered with Kirsty Fordyce/Steve Kemp based in Cumbria Safeguarding Hub. Please email early.help@cumbria.gov.uk to register an assessment. General enquiries can also be sent to this mailbox.

When registering an Early Help Assessment - make Kirsty/Steve aware of how many children are part of the assessment - as their individual assessments will be registered.
 Title  Date  Size
13/02/2015 2391k
13/02/2015 2391k

 Title  Date  Size
21/01/2016 188k

Early Help Assessment Forms

 Title  Date  Size
11/04/2018 105k
21/02/2018 208k
20/07/2017 145k
28/06/2017 127k
2/06/2016 211k