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Term and holiday dates

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Please use the links below to open PDF format documents with school term dates for the corresponding year.

 Title  Date  Size
09/05/2011 18k
24/01/2012 23k
15/05/2013 26k
06/11/2013 30k

Family Holidays in Term Time

 Title  Date  Size
12/08/2013 77k

School Term Dates 2013/14
Autumn Term 2013Spring Term 2014Summer Term 2014
Thursday 5 SeptemberMonday 6 JanuaryWednesday 23 April
Wednesday 18 DecemberWednesday 9 AprilFriday 18 July
Half Term HolidayHalf Term HolidayHalf Term Holiday
Monday 28 October -Monday 17 February -Monday 26 May -
Friday 1 NovemberFriday 21 FebruaryFriday 30 May
School days in term - 70Good FridayEarly May Bank Holiday
 18 AprilMonday 5 May
Easter MondaySchool days in term - 57
 21 April 
 School days in term - 63 


Number of School days in year 190.

INSET Days/Sessions

The 190 day school year identified above makes no provision for the additional 5 days non-contact time for which full-time teachers are contracted.

Therefore, any INSET sessions should be arranged either outside the above school term dates or outside pupil hours.