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Domestic Violence Champions Network

The Champions network has been set up to improve community and agency responses to domestic violence and to provide training and assistance to enable front line staff to support to the lower and medium risk cases not picked up by Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) or specialist Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVA) services . The cases of domestic violence/abuse in Cumbria that are referred into the MARAC process or receive support from an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor are the tip of the iceberg. Around 500 cases per year are referred to MARAC in Cumbria and the IDVA Services receive around 700-1000 referrals for support.

Three Domestic Violence Champions Networks have been set up in Cumbria in north, south and west of the county, these are being coordinated by the local Community Safety Partnerships (formerly the Domestic Violence Task groups). The areas based networks will be supported by Community Safety Managers, the Domestic Violence Business Manager and the Let Go Development Worker.

Domestic Violence Champions will be trained and supported to be the link between their agency and the network, to be a conduit for information and to assist their agency to enhance their response to individuals affected by domestic abuse/violence in Cumbria. Champions will meet on a regular basis to add to their knowledge and to build professional relationships.


Champions will have access to:

local resources, information and campaign material

a countywide programme of training

Peer support through the network attendees and meetings

Ongoing support from the Development Worker , Community Safety Partnerships Managers and the Domestic Violence Business Manager
Please contact the network via the Domestic Violence Business Manager or the Let Go Development Worker if you want more information; to discuss your agencies requirements or to join the network.


Louise Kelly
Domestic & Sexual Violence Business Lead
Cumbria County Council, Children's Services Directorate
Tel. 01768 812154 / Mobile 07825 693845