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Cumbria County Council`s Key Plans and Strategies

The County Council develops a wide range of strategies and plans describing where we are now, where we want to be and what actions or activity has to happen in order to get there.

Strategies and plans also show how the County Council will focus and plan its resources in order to get us to where we want to be.

To view a list of our key strategies and plans please follow this link: list of key strategies and plans.

Cumbria Community Strategy 2008-2028

The Cumbria Community Strategy 2008-2028 sets out the county's vision for its future and key priorities.  The Strategy allows the Council and its partners to plan and prioritise their activities to meet the requirements of local communities.  This involves working together to improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of the county, whilst ensuring that the needs of future generations are considered.

Council Plan & Directorate Plans

The Council Plan sets out our 'vision' for Cumbria and the actions we will take in order to contribute towards achieving that 'vision'.  All of the other strategies and plans we produce should describe in more detail how those objectives and actions we have stated within the Council Plan will be achieved.  

Directorate Plans are produced by each of the main areas of the Council.  These documents confirm what the Directorate will be focusing on over the following years.  They also describe the activity that will take place within the Directorate to achieve the objectives they have set and, ultimately, to deliver on the overarching objectives and priorities we have set out within the Council Plan.

For a copy of the directorate service plan please contact or call 01228 606060