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Council Plan and Equality

Each year we publish the Council Plan, which sets out the key aims and objectives of the Council. In 2010 the Policy and Performance Team were supported by the Equality Team to carry out a piece of work which made sure that all of the Council's core objectives identified the key Equality issues facing the county.

The project identified a number of issues that cut across all council services and are now being addressed.


  • Difficulties in communication and access to services
  • Issues around training of staff to deal with specific issues of Black Minority Ethnic (BME) communities 
  • Lack of knowledge of BME communities and individuals of the different services, what they are, how they work, how they can be accessed
  • Hopes and aspirations - what would success look like for BME people
  • Inconsistency of provision of support (such as interpreters / translators)  


  • Lack of understanding of specific issues relating to religion/belief  


  • Hopes and aspirations of males and females (including young males, young females, older males and older females) with regard to what they want from public services 


  • Physical access to services 
  • Communication/support
  • Hopes and aspirations of disabled people in relation to outcomes, particularly younger and older disabled people
  • Being treated with dignity and respect by staff and members of the public 

Sexual Orientation

  • Hopes and aspirations of gay, lesbian or bisexual individuals, particularly younger or older individuals
  • Addressing bullying / homophobia
  • Potential difficulties (or concerns for safety / anonymity) in people coming forward to request help or support
  • Lack of knowledge of what support is available for their specific needs and issues 


  • Lack of knowledge of what services/support/help, etc is available by age group (i.e. there is different awareness of what is available by different age group and by locality)
  • Lack of understanding of the hopes and aspirations of younger and older people, what would success look like for them 


  • Access to services, support and help across outcomes.