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Sports Ground Safety

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This is required under the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 or the Fire Safety and Places of Sport Act 1987, where a licence in the form of a Safety Certificate is required to be issued by the local enforcing authority, Cumbria County Council, for sports grounds/stands, or for special events within those grounds.

Do I require a Safety Certificate?

There are 2 types of Safety Certificates which are required by law to be issued under the following criteria:

1.  General Safety Certificate

a)   for the whole ground where a sports ground/stadia holds a designated sporting event (football, rugby, cricket) and provides accommodation for more than 10,000 spectators (more than 5,000 in the case of association football matches in the Premier League or the Football League); or

b)   for a stand at any sports ground/stadia which provides covered accommodation in stands for 500 or more spectators, and is not within a designated sports ground as in a) above.

2.  Special Safety Certificate

a)   to hold a special event at a designated sports ground/stadia or involve a licensed stand, other than that which is listed as a specified activity in the General Safety Certificate already in force for that ground/stand. The event can be a ‘one off’ event or a series of events.

The Applicant

Any authorised person of good character from the named sports ground/stadium, or in the case of a Special Safety Certificate, the promoter, can apply for a Safety Certificate for their sports ground or event.


At present, the Council do not generally charge for the issuing of a Safety Certificate for a small localised event for the benefit of the community. However, where the event is a large or commercial event, then a fee, commensurate to the actual work carried out in issuing the safety certificate, will be charged (see accompanying procedural notes below for full details).

Procedure and Appeals

Should you wish to proceed in applying for a Safety Certificate, please click on the 2 links below for:

A) Sports grounds – application procedure for a safety certificate (Word 36kb) 

B) Sports grounds – application for a safety certificate (Word 76kb) 

For appeals, see details in the application procedure notes.


Liam Briggs

Sports Grounds Licensing Officer

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