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Fostering fees and allowances are payments made to help with the costs of caring for a child and also to recognise the great work our foster carers do every day.

What's the difference between fees and allowances?

Payments are a combination of a fostering fee and an allowance; the fee being the reward element and the allowance being the sum that's paid to meet the cost of food, clothes, birthdays, Christmas, holidays, pocket money, everyday travel and household bills for the child or young person in your care.

We refer to both of these together as your fostering payment.

How much fostering payment will I receive?

The exact amount of fostering payment offered to foster carers varies depending on the age of the child being placed (which affects the value of the allowance) and on the skills, experience and training of the foster carer (which affects the value of the fee). The value of fees and allowances is shown below.

Value of allowances
Age of child0-45-1011-1516-17
Weekly allowance( £ ) £ 131.04 £ 144.55 £ 165.55 £ 209.51

NB: An extra 2 weeks allowance is split and paid over 6 weeks in the Summer Holidays, an extra weekly allowance is paid for the Child's birthday and an extra weekly allowance is made at Christmas. 

Value of fees

There are three levels of fee - Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Your level will depend on:

  • Meeting the Children's Workforce Development Council Induction Standards

  • Your care skills

  • Your experience

  • Training undertaken

  • Occupancy of the household

Most of our carers start at level 1, but we offer everyone the opportunity to progress through the fee levels. For a new carer it is possible to achieve approval at Level 3 in around 3-4 years.

Weekly fee ( £ ) £ 35.42 £ 68.39 £ 131.74

What level of overall payment can I expect to receive?

The figures below give you an idea of the value of the total fostering payment you could expect based on your fee level and the age of the child. Payments are shown for a single child, the same payments apply for any additional children placed with you.


Indicative weekly fostering payment (combined allowance and fee) for a single child
AgeLevel 1Level 2Level 3

0 to 4

£ 166.46

£ 197.43

£ 262.78

5 to 10

£ 179.97

£ 212.94

£ 276.29

11 to 15

£ 200.97

£ 233.94

£ 297.29

16 to 17

£ 244.93

£ 277.90

£ 341.28

We will explain more about how payments work as you progress through the application process.



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