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Day Opportunities

Day care provided in purpose built day centres, residential homes and community centres has been a traditional service offered by Adult Social Care (and others) for many years.  This kind of day service remains popular for some people, particularly those with greatest needs, such as those with dementia or challenging behaviour.

However, many people are now seeking more personalised ways to meet their needs, often based on activities provided in the community.  These are called day opportunities.

Day opportunities are designed around your individual interests and preferences.  Adult Social Care has introduced personal budgets and direct payments which gives you more choice and more say about how your needs are met.

As an alternative to day care, some people have chosen to:

  • join social groups and lunch clubs
  • go shopping
  • visit cafes and restaurants
  • pursue leisure, arts and crafts activities
  • train to learn new skills
  • explore volunteering or employment opportunities

These activities enable you to retain or build good links with your local community.  This approach has been widely adopted by younger adults, but its popularity is now increasing amongst older people as well.