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Long Term Adult Social Care Support

If you need, or are likely to need, long term support, you will have an assessment of need from one of our practitioners.  This will help us decide if you are eligible for support from us under nationally agreed eligibility criteria.

If your assessment says you need long term support, you will receive a personal budget from us.  This is the amount of money used to arrange your support.  We will encourage you to decide how your personal budget should be spent.  We will aim to offer you as much choice as possible on how your needs can be met.

You can ask us to arrange services on your behalf or you can ask to receive part, or all, of your personal budget, as a direct payment.  A direct payment is money we give you to enable you to arrange the support you need.  A direct payment gives you full control of who provides your support and when.  If you choose not to have a direct payment, you will still have some control over your support through your practitioner.

We may ask you to contribute towards your personal budget, that is, the cost of your support.  We will arrange this through a financial assessment to see how much you can afford.  If you choose to pay for all of your support yourself, we can still assess your needs and help you set up the support you need.