Library Services for Schools - Cumbria`s primary schools book award 2018

Spellbinding 2018 - now running!



Now in its 11th year, our popular Primary Schools Book Award and reading challenge is now running.

From the hundreds of brilliant books published during 2017, we have arrived at a shortlist of 10. It is up to pupils to vote for their favourite to win.

The award is aimed at years 5 and 6 and our aim is to create enthusiasm and excitement about reading and to support the wider reading agenda in school.

This year we have a new web site where children can post their comments on the discussion forum, try the book related quizzes and link to author web sites. There's a brand new picture gallery with the chance to win £ 150 worth of books for your school for the best Spellbinding related photograph submitted. The staff section includes certificates, bookmarks and a range of lesson plans and activity ideas to download.

Why not have a look?

Primary Spellbinding web site

Here are just some of the comments from the children about last year's winning book:

"This book is amazing, juggling monkey, hilarious. Julius is such a loveable character.

"I liked the start because Julius the zebra finds a friend, I also like the drawings. I definitely would tell my friends to read this amazing book. You should all read it because it draws you in. I read 58 pages in my first read of this book. I would rate this books 5 stars because it is so good."

"I would like to say I really like this book especially because there is loads of action. I have already told my friends to read it."

"I think you should definitely read it because every page is AMAZING and EXCITING. Which is why I could not put it down." 

Some other comments about Spellbinding:

"Once again our children are really enjoying the Spellbinding experience and it's lovely to see some 'reluctant' boy readers actively involved." Victoria Academy, Barrow

Here are some comments from schools who have previously participated in Spellbinding:

"I was very impressed by a year 6 less able reader who persevered to read all 7 books and had a great sense of achievement. All the children who read 7 books were really proud of themselves."

"It certainly raised the profile of reading amongst the children and their parents." 

"Children were introduced to other authors and this will lead them to read a wider range of genre."

"Part of our project allowed time for follow up and discussion which developed useful skills in thinking about reading and thinking beyond what they read."

"Many children commented on the fact that they wouldn't have selected some of the books if they'd seen them in the Library, yet they were surprised by how much they enjoyed them."

"All the pupils seemed to enjoy the variety and the poorer readers were keen to have a go at the more complex texts."

"Our year 6 are really enjoying the selection - two "reluctant" readers both spotted at playtime reading their books!!"