Warcop Training Area Applications

Cumbria County Council as the Commons Registration Authority has received three applications from The Secretary of State for Defence, made under paragraph 2 of Schedule 3 of the Commons Act 2006 and in accordance with the Commons Registration (England) Regulations 2014.

The applications seek to have the following land removed from the Register of Common Land and Town or Village Greens:

  • CL26 Murton Fell

  • CL27 Hilton Fell

  • CL122 Burton Fell and Warcop Fell

Further details of the applications can be found on Cumbria County Council's Notices page, links to each of the three notices are provided below for ease of access:

Inspector's directions for the first stage of the Inquiry.

The Notice of Inquiry can be found on Cumbria County Council's Notices page, and a direct link is provided below for ease:

Notice of Public Inquiry - CA14/3, CA14/4 and CA14/5 - Applications to amend the register to record an historic event - CL26 Murton Fell, CL27 Hilton Fell and CL122 Burton Fell and Warcop Fell (18/07/18)

15/09/18 Update:

Warcop Public Inquiry has been adjourned and will reconvene at 10am on 30th October 2018. It is expected to close at 5pm on 2nd November 2018. The Inspector has made the following directions for the second stage of the Inquiry:

Inspector's directions for the second stage of the Inquiry.

03/10/18 Update:

Second Skeleton Argument of the Secretary of State for Defence; Issue: waste land of a manor (108Mb)

11/10/18 Update:

Warcop Inclosure Award 1831 and Map (9Mb)

19/10/18 Update:

Replies to the Secretary of State for Defence's second skeleton argument; Issue: waste land of a manor (8Mb)

Other documents relating to the application are not available online; these are only available for inspection at The Commons Registration Service at Lady Gilford's House, Petteril Bank Road, Carlisle, CA1 3AJ, strictly by appointment only.  Please contact the Commons Registration Team on (01228) 221028 to arrange an appointment quoting reference number CA14/5, CA14/3 and CA14/4.

Commons Registration Service
Lady Gillford's House
Petteril Bank Road