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Recycling Collection Services in Barrow

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Residents of Barrow are able to recycle at their own kerbside by using their plastic box for dry recyclables and brown wheeled bin for garden waste. 

Paper, glass, tins, cans, and textiles are collected each fortnight from the participating households using a specially provided 55 litre plastic box. 

The wheeled bins are also collected fortnightly and the waste is turned into an environmentally friendly compost locally. Accepted materials include grass, leaves, twigs, weeds, flowers, and branches.

In order to provide a service for those properties with gardens who are not covered by the Brown Bin Scheme, the Borough Council has a Bulky Garden Waste Collection Service. The service, which is operated by the same vehicle which collects Bulky Household Waste, collects garden waste free of charge every Monday.  To request a collection, please call (01229) 876487

Some residents may not yet have access to Brown Bin Scheme, all residents have access to the Green Box Scheme.

The Barrow kerbside recycling scheme is administered by Barrow Borough Council. For further information about the scheme contact:

01229 876487