Highway permits and licences


If you wish to place a skip on the highway (carriageway, grass verge, footway or public footpath) you should speak to a skip hire company who will apply for a permit on your behalf. Skip companies must be registered with Cumbria County Council and have a current public liability insurance of £ 5 million.    

The skip company should give three working days notice when requesting a permit. This is to enable the council to carry out checks to ensure that the skip will not cause a danger or a significant obstruction to road users or those intending to carry out works in the highway.  

The council has a duty under the Traffic Management Act to ensure skips are on the highway for the minimum time. Users of skips can help by planning their work to reduce the hire duration.

The 1980 Highways Act requires that any person proposing to erect or take down a building in a street, or alter or repair the outside of a building in a street shall, before beginning the work, erect a close boarded hoarding or fence to the satisfaction of the highway authority. This obligation to erect a hoarding or fence may only be dispensed with following agreement in writing from the Highway Authority, Cumbria Highways.

To apply for permission to erect a hoarding or fence in or alongside the highway or to dispense with the requirement, please email one of the following offices:

Any person wishing to place and thereafter inspect, maintain, adjust, repair, alter or renew or maintain private apparatus (drains, cables, ducts water and gas pipes) under, over, across, along or up the highway requires a Street Works Licence. They will require a Street Works Permit if they wish to connect and thereafter maintain a private sewer connection to a public sewer in the highway. The licence or permit is issued to the owner of the apparatus who is classed as an Undertaker for the purposes of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.  

The licensee or permit holder must comply with the relevant duties and responsibilities imposed by the Act, Regulations and Codes of Practice. This liability cannot be delegated to any other person or organisation.  

If you wish to form a vehicular access from your boundary to the carriageway of a public highway, you need to employ an approved contractor and obtain a permit from Cumbria Highways. 

To find out more please follow this link: Vehicular Access Requests

Contractors wishing to place portable traffic signals on the highway must apply for a permit. Please apply at least seven working days before your planned starting date. For an application form and standard conditions please please email one of the following offices:

For emergency situations please telephone the Highways Hotline

Any person wishing to receive consent from the highway authority to temporarily deposit building materials, rubbish or other things in the highway must apply in writing. For an application form and a copy of the standard conditions please email one of the following offices:

The guidance document explains the Brown and White tourism signing policy for Cumbria, how it is applied, the processes involved and the criteria needed to be met by applicants.

It also contains the application form which needs to be completed when applying for a brown and white tourism sign.

Brown and White Tourism signs waiting update