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Road traffic flows

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Cumbria Traffic Data

Traffic flows are measured continuously on a number of roads throughout Cumbria, using automatic traffic counters sited mainly on ‘A’ class roads and the M6.

Flows are expressed as vehicles per day, defined more precisely as Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT).  This is simply the total flow measured throughout the year divided by the number of days in the year. In practice, daily flows will vary between weekdays and weekends and also seasonally. AADT is an accepted standard measure, particularly when comparing the flows on different roads.  

An indication of the number of lorries in the flow is available for most sites, expressed as the percentage of heavy commercial vehicles (%HGVs) 

Counters are maintained on the M6 and trunk roads eg. A66, A74, A590, by the Government’s Highways Agency. Counters on all other roads are maintained by Cumbria County Council. Data is attributed to either the Highways Agency or Cumbria County Council accordingly.

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