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Active Travel Competitions

In order to keep walking and cycling high on the school agenda and sustain level of interest in sustainable travel, Active Travel invites schools to take part in National and local competitions.

Sing to Win 2013 - The Results

Thank you to everyone who entered! The competition was a huge success receiving recognition at a national level.

The final results were as follows:

1st place: Victoria Junior School, Workington
2nd place: Newbarns Primary School, Barrow
3rd place:Yarlside Nursery & Infant School

As part of their prize Victoria Junior School received a visit from X-Factor stars District 3 who performed live at the school. Pictures and further information can be found below.

 Title  Date  Size
17/12/2013 662k

Active Travel Poster Competition

Children were asked to design a poster promoting active travel.  Winning designs were  made into a calendar for the academic year 2012-13.  Prize winners received an art box and book.

Prize winners

Tyler Haines, Ormsgill; Patrick Wolstenholme, Tebay; Alexander Harrison, Ashfield Infants; Alfie Gaitskell, Ormsgill; Gillian Wells, St Mary's Catholic, Ulverston; Alex McWhirter, Kirkby Stephen; Isabella Gordon, Yarlside; Keeley Bird, Ashfield Infants; Amy Simkins, Kirkby Stephen; Rebecca O'Donovan, St Mary's Catholic, Ulverston; Jessica Bickley, Ashfield Infants; Myles Capper, Kirkby Stephen.

Harry O'Donovan, St Mary's Catholic, Ulverston; Nathan Wolsenholme, Tebay; Jessica Draper, Yarlside; Emily Watkin, Yarlside; Ethan Smith, Ormsgill; Anna Wells, St Mary's Catholic, Ulverston; Ella Hesketh, Yarlside; Thaiga Gifford, Greengate;  Danielle Orr, Valley; Catherine Harold, Greengate; Elisha Cuthbert, High Hesket; Rebeca Gorjon, Valley.

Charlotte Todd and Georgina Stanway Dowdales School

WOW Badge Design Competition - Living Streets

This takes place annually during January and February.  Children are asked to submit badge designs for the following year's WOW badges.