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Sustainable development means achieving four objectives at the same time: 

  • Effective protection of the environment 
  • Prudent use of natural resources 
  • Social progress which recognises the needs of everyone 
  • Maintenance of economic growth and employment 

Environmental procurement, in support of these objectives, is therefore an important component of sustainable procurement and a contributor to the long-term goal of sustainable development. There is considerable scope to consider environmental issues in procurement, within the context of achieving value for money and this is the main focus of this note. The consideration of certain social issues is also encompassed by the term sustainable procurement. 

Potential benefits of sustainable procurement:

  • Long-term efficiency savings 
  • More efficient and effective use of natural resources 
  • Reducing the harmful impact of pollution and waste 
  • Reducing the impact of hazardous substances on human health and the environment 
  • Encouraging innovation 
  • Providing strong signals to the sustainable products market 
  • Practical expression of Government's commitment to sustainable development 

Corporate Procurement is committed to 'responsible procurement' and makes wide use of social clauses in tenders, ensuring that such issues form part of the evaluation and award decisions.

Further reading on sustainable procurement and the Act's the Council follow are provided below:

Social Value Act

Localism Act

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