Keswick flood alleviation scheme

Cumbria County Council has delivered the £2.5 million project which will provide improved protection from the risk of flooding from surface water for 118 homes and properties in the Penrith Road and Ambleside Road area of the town.

The £2.5 million project includes:

  • A new flood storage basin at Springs Field
  • A new pumping station underneath Penrith Road adjacent to the River Greta
  • A new control 'kiosk' in Wivel Park to manage the pumping operation when the River Greta level rises.

The new pumping station also incorporates a new bus shelter, faced in natural stone to ensure the structure is in keeping with the local area.

Improvements to the 'castlehead drain' between the storage basin and the River Greta have also been completed.

The project has been funded by Cumbria County Council, the Environment Agency, and the Regional Flood and Coastal Committee with a £30,000 contribution from Keswick Flood Action Group.

As Lead Local Flood Authority for Cumbria, the County Council leads on the local flood risk management strategy for surface water flooding. The Penrith Road area of Keswick previously formed one of the greatest areas of surface water flood risk in the county in terms of scale, frequency and impact on the local community. The Penrith Road area has been subject to significant flood events over the last 15 years, most recently during Storm Desmond in December 2015.