A595 strategic improvement in the vicinity of Bothel

Cumbria County Council is undertaking a project to look at improvements which are needed on the A595 to improve journey time reliability and enhance safety.

As part of this work Cumbria County Council held an initial public consultation which ran from Friday 9 November until Friday 7 December 2018.  We advised that there would be more consultation during the scheme development process.

Following this initial public consultation the project team has undertaken further development of the designs to respond to the feedback received.  

A further two week public consultation will take place between Monday 17 June and Monday 1 July 2019.  There will be one half day face to face public consultation event at Bothel Village Hall on 20 June from 4pm to 8pm

The aim of this further public consultation is to inform the public of the changes made since the initial consultation and to provide the opportunity for the public to respond. 

The plan below shows the updated scheme:

A595 strategic improvement in the vicinity of Bothel plan (PDF 3.7MB)

The proposed improvement seeks to provide a higher standard and more consistent road design for a significant length of the A595, the scheme includes the following elements:  

  1. climbing lanes to the south west of Bothel to provide safe overtaking opportunities for over 1km in both directions.   
  2. a reconfigured A595/A595 Junction to create a more standard layout  
  3. a reconfigured Greyhound Inn/ Torpenhow  Junction to improve visibility and safety 
  4. an improved online realignment at  Overgates to improve forward visibility 
  5. offline alignment between Kirkland Green junction and Cock Bridge junction to improve forward visibility in both directions and provide safe overtaking opportunities.  

The proposed improvement scheme are at an early stage of development. The further development and delivery of the proposed improvement is dependent upon securing funding. 

An initial public consultation was held between 9 November and & December 2018.  Approximately 180 people attended the 2 consultation events held at Bothel Village Hall. 151 feedback forms were completed and additional responses were received from parish councils and other organisations.  

There was general support for the westbound and eastbound climbing lanes to the south west of Bothel and the reconfigured A591/A595 junction.

The feedback also identified the following matters. How we responded to these matters is also outlined below:   

People did not support the 1 metre strips which were proposed either side of the A595 as it passes Bothel

  • the 1 metre strip either side of the carriageway has been removed

People had concerns about the closure of side roads.

  • it is not proposed to close any side roads within Bothel 

People said that a bypass option should be reconsidered 

  • a bypass option was one of a number of options identified. When assessed it offered poor value for money and therefore it would not have secured delivery funding. A non technical summary of the options appraisal can be found at - link 

People suggested that the speed limit on the A595 as it passes Bothel should be reduced

  • we have started to investigate the introduction of a lower speed limit within the limits of Bothel. Any changes to speed limits needs to follow a statutory process which could take up to 9 months . 

People suggested that improvements are required at other junctions such as the Greyhound Inn junction 

  • the scheme now includes an improvement to the Greyhound/Torpenhow junction to provide improved visibility and right land lanes in each direction. The proposal also significantly improves visibility from other side roads. 

The proposed improvements are at an early stage of scheme development and would require further development as the scheme progresses. The further development and delivery of the proposed improvements is dependent on securing funding. 

Timeline outlining the indicative dates for the key stage of the scheme's development:

  • November to December 2018:  Initial public consultation
  • January to May 2019:  Further development of concept designs
  • 17 June to 1 July 2019:  Further public consultation
  • Summer 2019:  Application for funding could be submitted to Government
  • Winter 2019:  Funding decision expected

The next stages are subject to funding

  • Autumn 2019 to 2020:  Prepare planning application
  • Summer 2020:  Pre-planning public consultation
  • Autumn 2020:  Submit planning application

The next stages are subject to planning

  • 2020:  Publish Compulsory Purchase and Side Road Orders
  • 2021:  Public Inquiry period, if needed
  • 2022:  Construction start
  • 2023:  Construction complete

(2018 to 2021: Ongoing design of the scheme, site surveys and assessment)

The response to the consultations will be used together with technical work to prepare an application for funding (an outline business case). The outline business case will present the evidence to Government as to why the proposed improvement should funded.

A reliable and resilient road network is essential to facilitate the delivery of investment in Cumbria to support economic growth and create jobs. 

The A595 is a primary route in North Cumbria providing a vital, direct link from Carlisle, the North East and Scotland to and from West Cumbria and onwards to the A66 / M6. 

Previous study work (the west of M6 Strategic Connectivity Study - August 2016) undertaken by the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership, in partnership with Highways England and Cumbria County Council, considered the constraints on the A595.

The West of M6 Study was undertaken in line with DfT's Transport Analysis Guidance (TAG) and followed a methodology that ensured proportionate analysis to provide a sound basis for identifying problems and identifying solutions on the A595. This study identified that the section of the A595 which needed further consideration to develop an improvement scheme was within the vicinity of Bothel. 

At the start of the current project the study area was expanded to look at the area between Mealsgate and the Redmain junction.  A long list of options within this area were identified and assessed.  To ensure the best scheme was taken forward a route option review and sifting process was undertaken. The options were considered at workshops and then evaluated using the Department for Transport's Early Assessment and Sifting Tool (EAST). The potential value for money (VfM) of each option was estimated. This VfM of an option is a vital indicator of whether a scheme is worth progressing.

The A595 improvement - non technical summary report (PDF 2MB) provides a summary of the scheme development and options appraisal to date. It presents an outline of the scheme objectives and description of the initial long list of options which we've considered. The assessment criteria, scoring and reasoning is presented which brings a long list of 16 scheme options to a short list of those which has been developed further.

If you have any queries or comments regarding the A595 Improvements (Bothel) consultation, please contact the project team at A595Bothel@cumbria.gov.uk