A595 Bothel Improvement

Cumbria County Council is undertaking a study to look at improvements which are needed on the A595 to make it a more reliable road with improved journey times.  The study is looking at the existing issues within the vicinity of Bothel and has developed a plan for potential improvements. 

As part of this study Cumbria County Council held an initial public consultation which ran from Friday 9 November until Friday 7 December 2018.

The plan below shows the potential improvements which formed part of the initial consultation, these include:

  • westbound and eastbound climbing lane to the south west of Bothel village 
  • a reconfigured junction at the A595/A591 
  • road Widening and local realignment to bends at Kirkland and north of Bothel 
  • a new offline road alignment south of Low Woodnook between Kirkland Green and Aldersceugh

A595 Bothel - potential improvements (PDF 6MB)

Consultation responses

We are currently analysing feedback from the consultation responses.  The responses will be used together with the technical study work to prepare a business case. The business case will be prepared to present the evidence to Government as to why they should fund the potential improvements.

A595 Bothel public consultation flyer (PDF 237kb)

For more information about the consultation Email: A595Bothel@cumbria.gov.uk

A reliable and resilient road network is essential to facilitate the delivery of investment in Cumbria to support economic growth and create jobs. 

The A595 is a primary route in North Cumbria providing a vital, direct link from Carlisle, the North East and Scotland to and from West Cumbria and onwards to the A66 / M6. 

Previous study work (the west of M6 Strategic Connectivity Study - August 2016) undertaken by the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership, in partnership with Highways England and Cumbria County Council concluded that the A595 in the vicinity of Bothel required improvement to ensure that this link was fit for purpose to help grow a strong economy and support job creation.

This current study is looking at what these improvements should be.

The feedback from the consultation together with the technical work will be used to prepare a business case. The business case will be prepared to present the evidence to Government as to why they should fund the potential improvements. It is important to note  that the potential improvements will only be delivered if Government funding is secured.

Cumbria County Council is also asking Government to include this section of the A595 in the Major Road Network (MRN). 

Project development

A595 Bothel - project location

Project location map (PDF 5MB)

Cumbria County Council has reviewed existing information and carried out a high level assessment of the study area to identify the key issues. This included:

  • reviewing the previous study work
  • considering the accident data for the last five years
  • assessing the existing traffic flow and journey times
  • undertaking traffic count surveys 
  • reviewing land use planning documents 
  • assessing the physical constraints:
    - ecology and environmental
    - utilities
    - water management and drainage assessment
    - environment Agency flood zone data
    - topographic survey of the area
  • carrying out a geotechnical desktop assessment
  • investigating land ownership 
  • holding workshops with the highway teams and Connect Roads

A595 Bothel - Project development

Project development map (PDF 5MB)

Using the information and observations outlined above we have undertaken a high level assessment of the area and looked at different type of improvements

The following improvements were considered but discounted:

  • dual Carriageway at Moota 
  • climbing Lane at Moota 
  • new road to the west of Bothel 
  • climbing lane through Bothel Village
  • carriageway realignment at Mealsgate

An important consideration when developing what would be the most appropriate improvement is the likely cost and the level of benefits it would achieve. This is a key consideration when developing the case for funding.

November/December 2018

  • public consultation

Upcoming work

  • analysis of consultation feedback (report due March 2019)
  • further detailed technical work 
  • preparation of a business case to present the evidence to Government outlining why they should fund the potential improvements.

If you have any queries or comments regarding the A595 Improvements (Bothel) consultation, please contact the project team at A595Bothel@cumbria.gov.uk