A595 Grizebeck Improvement

Preferred Route

Following extensive technical work and public consultation, the 'blue route' has been selected as the preferred option for a transport scheme to improve the A595 near Grizebeck.

The route was one of two options under consideration by Cumbria County Council.

The decision is based on a thorough assessment of evidence, including public feedback, environmental, engineering and economic and deliverability assessments. This work identified a range of reasons for why the blue route should be preferred:

  1. The blue route meets the strategic objectives of the Major Road Network, by improving connectivity and journey time reliability, as well as improving the resilience of the A590
  2. The blue route has public support, with 75 percent of respondents preferring the route
  3. The blue route is deliverable, with the existing A595 still available for use during the construction period
  4. The blue route demonstrates value for money in the economic appraisal, with reduced journey times and improved safety 

The Preferred Route Report (PDF 546kb) documents this process, using the evidence prepared as part of the scheme development to recommend a preferred route for the A595 Grizebeck Improvement. 

A595 Grizebeck preferred route map (PDF 397kb)

Following the announcement in October 2018 that the A595 Grizebeck improvement was one of the first five road network schemes to start in development for future consideration for the government's Major Road Network Fund, the council will now finish developing the Business Case for the scheme.

The business case is to be submitted to government to secure delivery funding.

Improving the highway network on the A595 has been identified as critical in supporting economic growth and the movement of goods and people between South and West Cumbria.

Public consultation

A public consultation on the scheme proposals was held from 19 October to 16 November 2018. A consultation document was produced, which summarised the existing issues and constraints in the area, the scheme development to date, and sought feedback on two options - the red route and the blue route.

Two drop-in events were held at Grizebeck Community Hall on 19 October and 7 November 2018. The public could view the consultation material at these events, and ask questions to members of the project team.

The public engaged well with the consultation, with over 300 sign-ins at the drop-in events, and over 250 consultation responses via the feedback form. This excellent response demonstrates the importance of the A595 to communities and employers in South and West Cumbria. 

The results of the consultation showed the majority of respondents support the blue route. When compared to the red route, 75 per cent of people preferred the blue route.

The results of the public consultation are presented in the Consultation feedback report (PDF 3MB) and a summary of the feedback is also provided in the Consultation summary report (PDF 588kb).

Scheme development

The consultation results also showed there was a desire for other routes to be considered. Further work was undertaken on these routes, but the work concluded that these routes could not meet the scheme objectives or had significant deliverability issues.

The scheme development work undertaken on the route options is documented in the Scheme development report (PDF 5MB) .

Next steps

If the scheme secures delivery funding, it will undergo further development work. This includes producing a more detailed scheme design and applying for planning permission. There would also be further public consultation as the scheme develops.

Project location

The study area for the project is the A595 near Grizebeck. The section of the A595 identified as requiring improvement is between Chapels and the A5092 at Grizebeck.

Grizebeck map image

Project development

We are undertaking a transport study to develop an improvement to improve journey times, safety and resilience on the A595 at this location. We have considered a range of different early options and looked at constraints and existing issues in the area.

Scheme funding

This scheme cannot be delivered without external funding. In response to the government's announcement on Monday 1 October regarding the Major Roads Network investment, Cumbria County Council has issued the following statement.

Cllr Keith Little, Cabinet member for Highways and Transport, said: 

"This is great news for Cumbria and we welcome it. Cumbria County Council has been proactively lobbying government to secure essential  funding to improve this road and we are very pleased that the government has now listened to us. The Grizebeck bypass is a really important scheme for Cumbria and for its communities and businesses and the county council has undertaken significant work already to start developing a potential scheme which it has been proactively promoting to the Department of Transport and Transport for the North. 

"The next step is for Cumbria County Council to prepare and launch a public consultation to ensure that the very best scheme is now developed going forward. We look forward to working with the Department for Transport and Transport for the North as plans progress to deliver this important infrastructure upgrade."

Cumbria County Council has been lobbying Government to make much needed improvements to the A595 at Grizebeck. These improvements are essential to improve safety, support the Cumbrian economy and improve journey times in the area. 

Work has been ongoing to persuade Government that this road is a priority and to secure the required funds from Government. Work is now underway to look at transport scheme options.

Following the Government announcement that this section of the A595 will be one of the first five 'Major Road Network' schemes to start in development, a period of scheme development and assessment by Cumbria County Council has identified two route options for Grizebeck.  The County Council asked for the views of the public, and other stakeholders, in order to inform a decision about which of these two route options should be taken forward to the next stage of the development process.  The consultation was open from 19 October to 16 November 2018.

The public consultation is now closed. Thank you for your feedback. 

We are undertaking a transport study to develop an improvement to improve journey times, safety and resilience on the A595 at this location. We have considered a range of different early options and looked at constraints and existing issues in the area.

The A595 Grizebeck Improvement Consultation document (PDF 2MB) provided information on the route options. More detailed plans for Option 1 (PDF 512kb) and Option 2 (PDF 543kb) were also provided.

A595 Grizebeck route options

Upcoming work:

  • Development and submission of Outline Business Case

March 2019:

  • Publication of consultation outcomes
  • Publication of scheme development work
  • Preferred route announcement

February 2019:

January 2019: 

  • Further work on scheme development and business case

November 2018:

  • Analysis of consultation feedback

Completed work:

  • Public consultation
  • Identify existing issues and constraints
  • Set scheme objectives
  • Identify long list of potential options
  • Assess long list of options to prioritise best options
  • Develop indicative alignments and cost estimates of prioritised options
  • Undertake environmental and geotechnical assessments
  • Undertake transport forecasting and economic appraisal of prioritised options

Once delivery funding is confirmed from the Department for Transport, further updates will be provided. 

If you have any queries or comments regarding the Grizebeck project, please contact the project team at A595Grizebeck@cumbria.gov.uk