Gender Pay Gap report 2018

The Council has published its gender pay gap figures for 2017/18 and the report shows that the gender pay gap between men and women's pay at the Council is reducing and lower (better) than the national average.

Gender pay gap report (PDF 2MB)

This improved position is down to the proactive efforts of the Council over recent years to support women by offering flexible and family friendly working   practices and by employing more females into senior roles. 

From a snapshot of data taken in March 2017, the mean gender pay gap at the County Council is 13.55% which compares favourably with the national average of around 18% and the public sector national average of 17.7%. 

Of the council's top five salaries, three roles are held by females (one of whom is the Council Chief Executive) and two are held by men. A high proportion of females also occupy key leadership roles at Assistant Director and Senior Manager levels. 

Commenting on the figures, Councillor Janet Willis, Cabinet Member with responsibility for People Management said:

"Cumbria County Council is committed to workplace equality and diversity, and whilst these figures show that there is a gender pay gap at the County Council, our gap is significantly smaller than the national averages, which is a positive.

I am proud that over the last 5 years the Council has implemented a range of policies and actions which have helped close the gender pay gap. The Council is not complacent however and further actions are being planned to minimise the gap further.

Many of the Council senior roles are undertaken by women including the current and previous two Chief Executives and a number of Corporate and Assistant Directors. All are talented individuals and selected through a competitive process as the best person for the role"

Commenting on further activity being planned, Dawn Roberts, Corporate Director Resources and Transformation said:

"Through the new Workforce Plan for 2018-2022, the Council will continue to work hard to ensure it supports and encourages equality in the workplace so that all staff make the most of their potential and have fulfilling and rewarding careers regardless of gender".