Adoption real life stories - the single mum

I always knew I wanted children, but never found the right partner, but it's the best thing I've ever done. My advice would be to make it happen, regardless of your personal circumstances. If you really want to become a parent, adoption is definitely an option.

I put it off until I was older for various reasons - being too busy at work, wondering if I could cope with a child on my own and manage financially. But once I reflected, I knew that a child was what I wanted over and above anything else.

I always knew that being single wouldn't be a barrier to adoption as far as the council was concerned.

One thing I never worried about was support. I've got a great network of family and friends around me which is a lot better than being with a partner who isn't right for you and can't offer the support you need.

If you're on your own, you need people to talk to more than anything, and Jane also goes to her grandparents for one day and a night each week to give me a chance to recharge. Jane is as good as gold - quite independent and strong-minded, but also very well-natured and its wonderful watching her develop and grow into a little girl. To the world I'm a single mum, but to my daughter I'm the world.

Having a child makes me feel complete. Being a mum has filled that nurturing and yearning need. She gives me a purpose and a reason to go to work. And being an older mum, I cherish every day with her and enjoy the simple things in life like going to the park, reading books and playing games, and so on. I did the career, holidays and single life in my twenties and thirties.

The adoption process was quite straightforward once I was assigned a social worker. I expected it to be rigorous and it was and I actually enjoyed the process!

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