Adoption real life stories - level of support

We believe the level of support offered to new adoptive parents now is significantly better...

We adopted our boys in 2004, when they were 2 and 4 years of age. They had not always been together as brothers, and had experienced different levels of early trauma and severe neglect. After all the initial meetings and conferences, we had tried to be as organised as possible for their arrival into our home , but nothing quite prepares you for gaining a family overnight.

As new "forever parents", we immediately had to face some very challenging behaviour and issues. It was not unexpected, but at the time we did not feel there was enough external support from social services. We really did feel as though we had been left to our own devices.

Thankfully, things appear to have changed a lot over the years, and when we asked for support when the boys were in their teens it was forthcoming and much appreciated. 

The National Adoption Support Agency has been vital in funding specialist therapy for both our sons, which they are still receiving and still very much enjoy. It is also really great to know that this doesn't just end when they suddenly turn 18 years of age. Our eldest is now approaching 19, and is still being offered support when needed. 

With the help of our Adoption Support Social Worker, we have also been informed of and attended talks, meetings and conferences to help adoptive parents with any issues, concerns or questions. Although targeted more at younger age children, some of the therapeutic advice worked really well for our teenage boys too. 

We believe the level of support offered to new adoptive parents now is significantly better than in the first few years of our new family life. 

We are now 14 years on and our boys are growing into wonderful young men. They are loved and adored and have brought so much to our lives. The road has not always been easy but we wouldn't have missed this journey for anything. They obviously still have questions to ask and information they want to find out as they mature. Social media can make this process more complicated, but we are again getting support and advice on the best route forward. 

Just knowing that there is someone there to contact when help is needed has made such a world of difference and has helped us to just concentrate on being a close and happy family.

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