Adopters success stories

Sometimes it helps to hear first hand accounts from people who have made the journey ahead of you.

Joy and pride!  

"Hard to place"…"Older"….."Complex needs", are often the labels we saw when searching for our children. It could deter one from these groups of amazing children. We're glad it didn't for us."

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Life changing!

"...our son is an inspiration in how he's handled such a life change. I know he will continue to inspire us." 

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We believe the level of support offered to new adoptive parents now is significantly better...

"Just knowing that there is someone there to contact when help is needed has made such a world of difference and has helped us to just concentrate on being a close and happy family." 

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Being a parent

"When we hoped we could be adoptive parents, friends arranged for me to meet their friends who had adopted their children. It was really helpful and I felt inspired." 

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Adopting later in life

"I had three grown up children from my first marriage and always enjoyed being part of a large family. My second wife and I weren't able to have a child naturally and while we were devoted to each other, we felt there was also room in our lives for children." 

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The single mum

"I always knew I wanted children, but never found the right partner, but it's the best thing I've ever done. My advice would be to make it happen, regardless of your personal circumstances. If you really want to become a parent, adoption is definitely an option." 

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Seeing them grow

"We decided quite early on that we didn't want to go through the baby stage. If we were going to adopt we wanted to adopt a little person we could meet and get to know." 

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