Shared Lives - Training

Shared Lives carers are professional paid carers, who happen to work from home!  As such, maintaining and developing knowledge and skills is an important part of the role.

All Shared Lives carers are taken through some mandatory training as part of the assessment and approval process.  There is also mandatory post approval training in certain areas including safeguarding, person centred planning and first aid, which is either delivered by or sourced by Cumbria Shared Lives.

Additional training (as required) will also be delivered or sourced, for example in areas such medication, mental capacity, dementia, epilepsy and communication skills.  Much of our training is free to attend or is sourced from a cost effective or heavily subsidised provider.

Currently Shared Lives carers are not required to have any formal qualifications, although it is a requirement for all Shared Lives Carers registered with the Cumbria Shared Lives Scheme to complete the Care Certificate.