Shared Lives - Support, Development and Reviews


Each Shared Lives carer is supported by a named Shared Lives worker who covers a given geographical area.  Our Shared Lives workers are all skilled and experienced and are all very familiar with all aspects of Shared Lives.

Our Shared Lives workers get to know carers really well. Just as Shared Lives is a very flexible and personalised service, we try to ensure that our support is also very flexible, friendly and informed, and that when you need us, we always respond as soon as we can.  Shared Lives workers may be involved with:

  • Making initial visits to prospective new Shared Lives carers

  • Telephone and email support during normal office hours

  • Undertaking assessments of people who have applied to become Shared Lives carers, through home visits, checks and references

  • Matching service users into Shared Lives carers homes

  • Working with service users and Shared Lives carers to agree a plan for the service and the outcomes for the service

  • Visiting Shared Lives carers home to see how things are going, offer support and guidance and monitor the service

  • Help with training, social events, and carer and service user meetings

  • Liaise with adult social care about any aspects of the service or the service users wellbeing.

As you will be approved for your role under Cumbria Shared Lives Scheme we will have a responsibility to make sure you meet the Care Quality Commission standards for Shared Lives Placements. As well as home visits, you will participate in an annual review, where we will look at information gathered from:

  • The person you care for

  • Their Care Manager/ Social Worker

  • Other important people in their life

  • We will use this information to develop your training needs for the following year.