Work experience

Following the success of our recent Health and Social Care work experience programme in February 2022, we are planning to hold a similar event with a focus on our Highways Service and its teams. 

It is hoped that the Highways work experience programme will coincide with the October 2022 academic half term, so as not to affect educational learning of any applicants that attend school, college or university for example.

The programme will be an opportunity to meet the Highways teams and managers, learn about the types of work and careers available managing the fourth largest highways network in England, and hopefully an opportunity to visit the workplace and depots. 

More information will be available when the programme is confirmed.

Participant feedback from the Health & Social Care work experience programme - February 2022

'thank you so much for the opportunity its encouraged me to definitely do health and social care work'

'Thanks everyone for a wonderful session, it was a great experience for me to come into the healthcare sector.'

'it was interesting to hear the social care aspect of working in care and see all the skills that can be developed and how career paths link'

'my confidence and some skills like teamwork has been improved by the different activities we did and joining in'

'I would definitely want to become a social worker'.