Alfred Wainwright - resources for schools - curriculum links

Wainwright curriculum links and topic activity ideas

Wainwright is a wonderful cross curricular topic. Listed below are ideas developed and used by the three pilot schools who have worked with Cumbria Archive Service to develop the Wainwright Project.


  • Biography - Use archive clues to create a story of Wainwright's life.
  • Look at existing biographies and how to structure a biography.
  • Debate/discussion - looking at the arguments about the impact of his books (from archive letters) both positive and negative.
  • Letter writing - looking at fame - Wainwright's fan mail. Formal and informal letters - letter from the Queen. Write to someone famous.
  • Report writing - about someone famous.
  • Writing guide of local area - factual writing, editing, redrafting.
  • Reading - and absorbing archive information - making inferences.
  • Stories illustrated by Wainwright - Scratch and Co.
  • Dialect - Cumbrian dialect in Scratch and Co.


  • Archive Centre visit: Story of Wainwright's Life - understand methods of historical enquiry, study of locally significant history of an area and impact of significant individual. Understand how the past is constructed from a range of sources. Develop pupil's own informed response.
  • Wainwright Timeline Activity: chronological understanding, understand historical concepts, gain historical perspective.
  • Classroom research: Find evidence to back-up statements.
  • Mystery Person exercise using Rucksack: historical enquiry skills, develop questioning skills, change and continuity.