Cumbria at War 1939-1945

Archive Role Play Exercise in seven chapters for use in secondary schools

This learning resource for secondary school pupils allows them to explore the Second World War experience in Cumbria through an examination of original archive sources and oral history set within self-contained 'chapters', with the ultimate goal of background research for a role play exercise.

Follow the links below to open, read or download the Teachers' Notes (PDF), chapters (PDFs) and audio content (MP3s - designed to open on your computer's sound player eg Windows Media Player):

Teachers' Notes (PDF, 120KB) 

Chapter 1: Introduction: VE Day, Cumbria, May 1945 (PDF, 403KB)

Sound clip for chapter 1 (MP3 Audio, 2.4MB)

Chapter 2: In Uniform: those who served in uniform in Cumbria (PDF, 380KB)

Chapter 3: Working: those who worked in Cumbria to help win the war (PDF, 22MB) (22MB download - please be aware of size)

Sound clip for chapter 3 (MP3 Audio, 2.4MB)

Chapter 4: Home Supplies: how Cumbrians got what they needed in the war (PDF, 540KB)

Sound clip for chapter 4 (MP3 Audio, 9.6MB)

Chapter 5: Away from Home: evacuees, and Cumbrians serving overseas (PDF, 412KB)

Chapter 6: Missing Home: prisoners of war, Cumbrians and Germans in Cumbria (PDF, 576KB)

Sound clip for chapter 6 (MP3 Audio, 13MB)

Chapter 7: Not Coming Home: remembering those Cumbrians who fell in the war (PDF, 1MB)