High Drama

The extract (left) is taken from a notebook of the Dickinson family of Lamplugh in 1818:

Dec 29th Betsy Burton eloped with Charles Kennedy - was followed by her father and overtaken in Patterdale and brought home the following morning. The pair must have been determined to marry, as two years later Charles Storr Kennedy, a surgeon of Kirkby Ireleth, and Elizabeth Burton were married by licence on 6 September 1820 at Ulverston. Their children followed in quick succession - a run of seven daughters, Anne, Susannah Maria, Elizabeth, Theodora, Emma, Margaret, and Harriet, before Charles Burton and Myles, two sons. They then had a final daughter, Alice, in 1837 who unfortunately died at six weeks.

The Humour in the Language of Romance

This cartoon is found amongst the humorous sketches and verses written by contributors to the autograph albums collected Mrs Sybil Bryce of Bolton between 1909 and 1921. The artist only left his initials on his picture (bottom right hand corner) in May 1910.