Archive Service Accreditation

Cumbria Archive Service was awarded Archive Service Accreditation in 2013. It was the first Archive Service (out of approximately 2,000 Archives in the UK) to achieve this national recognition. Cumbria's Accreditation was renewed for a further three years in 2016. In 2019 Cumbria Archive Service was among the first tranche of services to successfully submit full applications for Accreditation again.

Accreditation is the UK quality standard which recognises good performance in all areas of archive service delivery. Achieving accredited status demonstrates that Cumbria Archive Service has met clearly defined national standards relating to management and resourcing, the care of its unique collections and what the service offers to its entire range of users.

Accreditation is an independent endorsement that Cumbria Archive Service is:

  • Externally recognised for its good performance in all aspects of governance and management, collections management , and provision of services to all users
  • Sustainable and robust, ensuring the long term acquisition, preservation and accessibility of our archive heritage
  • Adaptive, relevant and resilient in a changing internal and external environment 
  • Clear about its mission, ensuring effective planning, decision making and optimal use of resources
  • Responsive to all its stakeholders and trusted in the management of its unique collections
  • Supported by expert staff within clear and effective governance structures

In giving its decision in March 2020 to Cumbria Archive Service, the UK Accreditation Panel " ... welcomed this strong application from one of the first Accredited Archive Services. The applicant had undergone significant changes during the period of its first award, but had been able overall to maintain high standards of preservation and access".