Budget Consultation 2021/2022

Cumbria County Council annual budget consultation

Cumbria County Council provides more than 600 services for approximately 500,000 residents. From gritting roads to looking after vulnerable people, hundreds of council services are accessed every single day.

Your council works 24 hours a day to keep the county and its residents safe and well, especially in times of crisis such as this year's global pandemic and in other incidents such as during extreme weather events.

All around you are a wide range of essential support services provided to you by the County Council including Fire and Rescue Services, highways maintenance, libraries, registrars and many more. We also support schools across the county.

Budget Consultation Booklet (PDF 2.81MB)

We now need to seek your views on our plans to increase council tax by 1.99%. As we have said this is difficult for us as we know some residents are facing financial challenges and uncertainty about their future.

However, we have a legal requirement to set a balanced budget and to provide essential services to those in need.

For the last 5 years, Cumbria County Council has worked hard to keep any increase to a minimum. We have increased general Council Tax by just 1.99%.


A 1.99% increase on Band D Property is £28.67 per year (55p per week). The Council Tax payable per Band D property was £1,440.56 in 2020/21, this would increase to £1,469.23 in 2021/22 if proposals for a 1.99% overall increase are agreed. For every 1% increase this generates around £2.5million to be spent on council services.