Buses - return to normal service

Whilst most services are now running to normal timetable, some restrictions still apply 

  • Unless you have a health exemption, You must wear a face covering (over nose and mouth) when travelling on public transport and also within enclose waiting areas, to give extra protection to the driver and other passengers. 
  • If you can travel earlier or later, please avoid travelling at peak work times, to help those who need to travel then.
  • When all available seats are in use, a "BUS FULL" destination will be shown, and the bus will not stop until someone needs to get off. 
  • There will be no standing on buses and due to Social Distancing requirements some seats will not be available for use

At the bus stop  

  • Please continue to follow the normal "Social Distancing" guideline and where possible leave at least a metre gap (three to four foot) to other passengers waiting for the bus
  • When the bus arrives signal clearly to the driver you wish the bus to stop, but stand well back from the door to allow others who wish to alight to do so, before you get on
  • Remember if the bus is already full the driver will not be able to stop for you
  • If more passengers want to get on at your stop than there are seats available, you may not be able to board, and will need to wait for the next bus. 
  • Please accept the drivers decision, if you are told all available seats are in use, and if necessary allow someone who may be in greater need to go first.   
  • If in an enclosed bus station or waiting area you will need to wear a face covering (over nose and mouth)

On the bus

  • If you have a Megarider smartcard or Concessionary (ENCTS/NoWCard) pass put it on the ticket machine as normal, or if you have a day ticket show it to the driver
  • If buying a ticket on the bus, please pay contactlessly if possible. 
  • If you have to pay cash, have the correct fare as drivers currently cannot give change, (any over payment will be donated to charity). 
  • To help have the correct money available, check your fare   
  • Once you have paid please take a seat as far from other passengers as possible.     
  • If you are fit and able, try to sit further back to leave seats nearer the door for those less able, as seats immediately behind the driver are currently out of use.
  • On a double deck bus, (if fit and able) use seats upstairs so those less able can sit downstairs
  • Windows will be open to allow extra ventilation (so if it is a cooler day, bring an extra layer of clothing to keep warm) 
  • Remember it will be mandatory to wear a face covering when on the bus, to give extra protection to the driver and other passengers. 
  • Alternative options for face covering (PDF 1.4MB)

Getting off the bus

  • As you approach your stop, press the bell to tell the driver you wish the bus to stop
  • Stay in your seat until the bus stops, to avoid standing near other passengers or the driver
  • Allow other passengers getting off, time and space to do so 
  • Do not leave any litter - take all rubbish, including your ticket with you
  • As you get off the bus, give anyone waiting to get on plenty of space 
  • Remember to wash your hands or use sanitiser, as soon as possible after getting off the bus

Please be patient and follow advice given by drivers.

We are all in this together.

Further information from Stagecoach

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