By 60 Months Your Child May

36-60 image 1
  • Enjoy playing with other children
  • Be proud of what they can do
  • Tell you how they are feeling
  • Help solve problems
  • Be able to follow a story without pictures
  • Tell stories when they play
  • Climb, kick and throw
  • Feed themselves with knife and fork and try different foods
  • Dress and undress alone, but may need help with fastenings
  • Go to the toilet alone
  • Read and write their name and simple sentences
  • Sing favourite songs
  • Enjoy messy play
  • Count with understanding to 20
  • Remember and talk about special times
  • Use longer sentences to tell stones, talk about their world and say how they are feeling
  • Enjoy experimenting
  • Talk about the size and shape of objects