Parental rights

As a parent you have additional rights, such as flexible working, parental leave and time off for dependants.

Parental Leave - entitles you to take 18 weeks unpaid leave up until you child's 5th birthday.  If your child has a disability you are entitled to 18 weeks unpaid leave up until the child's 18th birthday.
Parental leave information

Parental leave should be taken in week/s blocks, and you cannot take off more than four weeks during a year.  Your employer much be given at least 21 days notice in writing stating when you wish to take the leave.

Flexible Working - is a term used to describe a range of working patterns which can help with work-life balance.  Flexible working requests can relate to hours, place and patterns of work.
Flexible working information

To qualify you have to have worked for your employer for at least 26 weeks, and have not made another application during the previous 12 months.

Further advice on making a flexible working application is available from working families website.