Outreach and respite for young people

Sedbergh Drive

Sedbergh Drive is an outreach and respite service available to young people who live in Cumbria.

The aim of the service is to provide a planned intervention programme for young people and their families in order to reduce the risk of young people going into care.  Also to help prevent those young people already in care from experiencing placement breakdown.

Sedbergh Drive service is available to all young people who live in Cumbria it is led by the Registered Manager and has three outreach teams West, Carlisle and South Lakes and Barrow.  Each team is supervised by an assistant manager with a team of residential/outreach support workers. The outreach sessions will take place at the young person's home or a locally agreed venue and Sedbergh Drive staff will encourage involvement in locally based activity sessions organised by the teams. The residential service is devised to support the outreach sessions in providing a safe and supportive home environment in order to promote appropriate social strategies and to work on the identified target areas.  The residential service is available during term times on a weekend basis. During school holidays a weekly service is also provided. At the planning meeting we will book in respite support for the young person in order to support their plan if it is appropriate for them. Young people will be matched depending on age, support needed and skills and abilities.
We do not provide an emergency placement service.

The support provided for the young people and families will result in the following expectations and outcomes:

  • To listen to young people and encourage them to be involved in the interventions that impact on them.

  • To ensure that each young person who uses Sedbergh Drive has a personal Key Worker who is responsible for overseeing the work done at Sedbergh Drive.

  • To ensure that each young person has a care plan with clear objectives/goals which include an assessment of risk factors to ensure that each young persons wellbeing and health needs are properly identified, met and monitored.

  • To ensure young people's medical support and healthcare needs are effectively provided for in partnership with health colleagues.

  • To encourage young people to engage in positive community activities and supports self esteem and confidence.

  • To enable young people to grow and develop as individuals within a framework of clearly defined boundaries which promote positive behaviour by the setting of individual goals and targets and supports young people in combating  anti social behaviour and bullying.

Referrals can be made via Children's Services Teams - Early Intervention, Safeguarding, Fostering etc.