Private Fostering - What Actions Will Childrens Services Take?

Children who are privately fostered are protected by law (The Children Act 1989 and Private Arrangements for Fostering Regulations 1991). Children's Services do not register Private Foster carers but they have certain duties towards children who are privately fostered, their parents and carers.

Children's Services have a responsibility to work with parents and carers to make sure the arrangements made are suitable for the child.  As part of this they will need to:

Meet parents, carer and child to help to plan the arrangement
Visit to see the child within seven days of notification that he or she is privately fostered 
Check the suitability of Private Foster carers 
Ensure the accommodation is suitable and safe 
Make regular visits to the child to make sure he or she is being well looked after 
Offer support and advice to a private foster carer about looking after someone else's child and how to meet that child's different needs 
Offer support and advice to a parent about Private Fostering arrangements and keeping in close contact with his or her child.