Governor Support Team - latest notices

Covid-19 information for governing boards

School uniform guidance:  A private members bill has been introduced with the aim for school governing boards to implement affordability policies when setting school uniform requirements to include the importance of taking cost into account, relevance of discrimination law, encouraging schools to consider requests to vary the policy to accommodate pupils' religion, ethnicity, gender and other protected characteristics.

School funding announcements:  

  • The School and Early Years Finance (England) Regulations 2020 were laid before parliament earlier on this year. The regulations ensure that in 2020/21 every secondary school will receive at least £ 5,000 per pupil, and every primary school at least £ 3,750 per pupil - on the path to £ 4,000 the following year. This additional funding is provided through the National Funding Formula (NFF).  The National Funding Formula guide contains details of funding allocations to mainstream, state-funded schools in England.
  • Pupil Premium:  The government has announced that Pupil Premium and service premium rates will increase in line with inflation for the financial year 2020 to 2021 in April 2020.  The new rates for each type of pupil premium can be found on the DfE website.

Key stage 1 SATs to be replaced:  From this September, all new primary school pupils will take a new reception baseline assessment (RBA) which will result in the removal of national curriculum assessments (known as SATs) taken at key stage 1 by 2022/23. The RBA consists of a one-to-one exercise done in around 20 minutes by a teacher within the first six weeks of reception and is said to be similar to the 'on-entry' checks that many schools already carry out.  DfE has stressed that "there is no need for teachers or parents to prepare pupils for the assessment" which is said to be reinforced by the fact that the raw scores will not be shared with schools, teachers or parents and that data will only be used to form the progress measure at the end of key stage 2.

The Governor Support Teams Clerks' Handbook has been updated: We have amended and incorporated the new governor welcome pack into the handbook following feedback.

Keeping Children Safe in Education: The DfE is consulting on their proposed revised document for 2020. Additions to this version include a new section on children who need a social worker, and a rewritten part three which has been significantly edited for clarity. 

Visible Governance in Schools campaign:  The NGA is asking governors to join them in championing your contribution to the education system and shining a light on the difference that good governance makes to your school/trust.  It is well known that school and trust governance is almost always invisible when it is working well, and very much in the spotlight when things go wrong. Through this campaign we want to achieve a higher profile and better understanding of governance, and further improve the lives of children and their communities.  

Local Authority governor update: New processes for the nomination of Local Authority Governors and the appointment of Local Authority Management Committee Members (PRUs) have been agreed.  The new processes should mean that upcoming vacancies for LA Governors are filled in a more timely manner.  Please take a few moments to familiarise yourself with the Local Authority Governor nomination process (DOC 20KB) and Local Authority Governor appointment process (DOC 20KB), PRUs, including the new forms for governing boards/management committees to complete when the LA Governor/Members term of office is due to end. The new process will also be included in our Clerks' Handbook and discussed at our Clerks' training sessions.

In September 2020 the new qualification of T Levels will be introduced: Find out more information about these qualifications on the DfE website.