Governor Services - Recruitment of governors

Recruitment process for new Governors

If you think you have what it takes to be a school governor:

Send us your completed Expression of Interest (EOI) to be a school governor.

Expression of Interest (PDF 755kB)

Expression of Interest (Word 760kB)

Alternatively contact the school directly to ask if they need a new governor.

Local Authority (LA) Governor Appointments

For information about the procedure for the appointment of LA Governors, please contact the Governor Support Team on 01228 226925

Exceptions to this process:

As the catchment area of special schools may extend over more than one committee boundary in Cumbria, special schools are exempt from the above process. Special schools would still complete the Recruitment Form to identify the skills criteria needed by the GB (and their proposed candidate for the post, if applicable); however, this would be sent to the Director of Children's Services for approval, rather than to the Local Committee.

Local Authority Governors for Academies

Academies have the option to either have one LA Governor or to not have one at all. The process to appoint LA Governors is the same as for LA maintained schools, i.e. through the Local Area Committees facilitated by the Governor Support Team (GST).

Further useful information

Schools by Electoral Division (Word 544KB)