Access and Inclusion

The Access and Inclusion team offers support in accessing education. The team consists of:

Access and Inclusion Officer (Children Missing Education)

  • The role of the Officer is to ensure that all children in Cumbria receive a suitable education whether registered in a school or educated otherwise (e.g Elective Home Education or privately educated).
  • To promote School Choice Advice service and support families as appropriate including at school appeals if required.
  • To track and trace pupils who are identified as missing pupils.

Access and Inclusion Officer (Attendance) is responsible for supporting school attendance and work in partnership with schools to promote best practice. They can also offer advice and guidance in relation to attendance concerns.

Access and Inclusion Officer (Exclusions) gives advice and support to parents, pupils, schools and other professionals about alternatives to exclusion and exclusion process and procedures in relation to statutory requirements.

Child Employment and Entertainment Officer

Ensure that young people are able to experience work and take part in performance whilst making certain that they stay safe and that their education does not suffer. This includes:

  • Administering the process for work permit and performance licences.
  • Administering the process for approval as a chaperone.
  • Offering support and advice in relation to child employment or entertainment queries.