Access and Inclusion - Child Performance Licensing

The Legislation

Legislation is in force to secure the health, proper treatment, and education of children whilst with all such children from the day they are born through to the day when they are no longer of compulsory school age. Compulsory school age finishes on the day the child can legally leave school, which is the last Friday in June of the school year in which the child reaches 16 years of age. It does not finish on their sixteenth birthday.

The term 'entertainment' includes:

  1. Taking part in a performance where the public pay to have access.
  2. Any performance in licensed premises, (hotel, public house etc.)
  3. Any broadcast performance.
  4. Any performance not falling within (3) above but included in a programme service.
  5. Any performance that is being recorded for use in a broadcast, programme service or film.
  6. Taking part in modelling or sport for which the child or any other person receives payment. 

Find out about the regulations that apply to children working in the entertainment business, including details of performance licences and guidance on the role of a Chaperone (see A Guide for Chaperones and Performance Licence Holders document below):

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