SEND IASS Advisory Board

The aims of the Cumbria SEND IAS Service (Cumbria SEND IASS) Advisory Board are to: 

  • Support, promote and develop the service.
  • Ensure the impartiality of Cumbria SEND IASS from the Local Authority by providing an 'arms length' oversight of the management of the Service and contribute to the wider Quality Assurance process by reviewing practices, policies and procedures.
  • Promote a partnership approach by involving representatives of a broad range of stakeholders.
  • Provide feedback to the Local Authority (Social Care, Education) schools and colleges, Health and voluntary 3rd sector to influence decisions on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities policies, procedures and practices.
  • Provide feedback to parents, carers and young people on our activities
  • Discuss and debate the Development Plan at each termly meeting.
  • To monitor compliance with legislation (minimum standards for SENDIASS). 

Monitor and evaluate Cumbria SEND IAS

Ensure that Cumbria SEND IASS meets the needs of parents, carers, young people and children for impartial information, advice and support, to improve outcomes for children and young people who have special educational needs and/or disabilities:

  • Monitor the Development Plan with Cumbria SEND IASS on a termly basis. May meet virtually between these meetings.
  • Ensure that policies, procedures and practices are kept up to date.
  • Raise and discuss relevant SEND issues for stakeholders.

Influence Service Development

Provide feedback to the Local Authority to influence decisions on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities policies, procedures and practices:

  • Identify and promote good practice
  • Raise issues and concerns
  • Identify gaps in services
  • Be a key body for consultation and representation with regards to any proposed developments in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • Ensure that Cumbria SEND IASS is engaged as a key stakeholder group in developments within the Local Authorities SEND Services and Health and any relevant wider consultations.

The Advisory Board will represent a broad range of stakeholders who will promote a partnership approach which involves all members. All members will be equal partners and the individual skills, knowledge and views that each member brings will be equally recognised and valued. 

The Chair and Vice Chair will be drawn from members of the Board, preferably parents of children with SEN who have used the service.

Tenure for the Chair and Vice Chair will be for a year at a time, renewed up to and not exceeding 3 years.

  • Attend meetings regularly
  • Promote Cumbria SEND IASS wherever possible
  • Support the work of Cumbria SEND IASS including, where appropriate and if they feel confident to do so, contribute to talks and training events
  • Give the perspective and findings of their own agency/constituency or group whilst recognising and appreciating the views of others
  • Promote a partnership approach by giving feedback to their own agency, group or constituency using the appropriate channels when requested

Advisory Board meetings will be held termly, 3 times a year.

Members will:

  • Attend each meeting
  • Identify and acknowledge with the Chair any conflict of interest if and when it arises
  • Notify the Chair if they cannot attend
  • Read relevant material before and after meetings
  • Abide by requests for confidentiality

Cumbria SEND IASS will:

  • Produce and publish an ongoing Development Plan through the minimum standards document
  • Ensure that policies, procedures and practices are kept up to date by itemising as a rolling programme of review on the agenda
  • Support members to carry out their responsibilities
  • Produce and present relevant reports including quantitative and qualitative information
  • Provide help to access meetings (venues, materials, formats)
  • Be available to members to discuss issues and problems
  • Minute the meetings and do meeting admin

The Cumbria SEND IASS Manager will: 

  • Update development plan termly and annual report
  • Organise quantitative and qualitative date
  • Oversee the preparation and distribution of information for members
  • Attend all steering group meetings
  • Manager of Cumbria SEND IASS
  • Local Authority officer with a lead in SEND
  • Voluntary / community sector representatives
  • Professionals supporting young people, post 16 organisations
  • Health
  • Head teacher/Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
  • Parents/carers who have been given advice and support from Cumbria SEND IASS
  • Members of CPCF
  • Early Years representative