Independent Parental Supporters and Independent Supporters

Independent parental supporters and independent supporters

You can request a volunteer to support you; they are called Independent Parental Supporters (IPS) or if your request for support is specifically about the new Education, Health Care Plans, you will be matched with an Independent Supporter (IS). All these volunteers are provided with necessary support and advice by the Independent Supporter Co-ordinator. An IPS or IS is linked to a parent to provide specific support eg to attend a meeting at school, or to provide guidance through an assessment process. The IS Co-ordinator will match an IPS or IS to a case, and introduce the volunteer to the parent(s), ensuring that each understands what work is to be undertaken and how long the link is likely to last. The IS Co-ordinator monitors the work of each IPS or IS and makes sure that impartiality and confidentiality procedures are followed.

When your IPS or IS feels the piece of work is completed, they will discuss this with you. Sometimes it is obvious when the period of support can be ended but occasionally a parent will want further support with a problem which has arisen along the way. The IPS or IS will go back to the IS Co-ordinator and describe what work has been completed and whether you (the parent) are happy for the IPS or IS to withdraw. It is the IS Co-ordinator's decision as to whether the IPS or IS should move on to another case or remain linked to provide further support.

For further information, please contact:

Name: Karen Hull, SEND IAS Co-ordinator

Tel: 01229 407559