Assessment tools

Assessment is an essential tool in learning and teaching, providing information about a pupil's progress and attainment and helping to determine targets for learning and the next steps to support them.

The following are the most commonly used by Cumbrian schools and other professionals.

Reading Intervention assessments

Literacy Screening assessments for School Action Plus referral

  • Single Word Reading Test (GL Assessment)

  • Vernon Graded Spelling Test (3rd edition)

  • Hatcher Test of Phonological Awareness

  • Letters & Sounds High Frequency word lists

Pivats - Tracking within N.C. levels

Other useful assessments:

  • TOWRE - Test of Word Reading Efficiency (Pearson Education)

  • Assesses efficiency of sight word recognition and phonemic decoding in children and adults


NARA - Neale Analysis of Reading Ability (GL Assessment)

Uses a series of short narratives to measure the accuracy, comprehension and rate of reading in pupils from the age of 6 to 12 years.

SWST - Single Word Spelling Test (GL Assessment)                                        Suitable for pupils aged 6 to 14 years, consists of a series of standardised tests of spelling attainment.