Classroom Strategies

Many children with additional literacy needs/dyslexia will have their needs met through appropriate classroom based support and differentiation.    The Inclusion Development Plan materials for dyslexia contain a wealth of information on classroom and whole school strategies which aim to:

  • Improve outcomes for all children by helping schools to develop inclusive practices

  • Increase the knowledge and confidence of practitioners/teachers so that they can make appropriate adjustments that will narrow the gap between students with SEN and their peers

The materials can be found here:

Children with additional literacy needs should have access to reading material at a suitable level of difficulty for their skills.  Possible supports might include:

  • Using the finely graded list of books from the Cumbria Reading Intervention Programme 

  • Using books from the attached list of high interest/low reading age materials.   These will help to ensure that materials are appropriate for a child's age/interest, whilst at the same time still being accessible for those with additional reading needs.

  • Using audiobooks and e-readers with a voice option to give children access to reading material that would otherwise be beyond their reading skills