Information for Children and Young People

Children learn to read and write at different speeds: some children need more time and more help than others to learn these skills.  Dyslexia is a word that some people use to explain why children and adults find it harder than other people to learn to read, write and spell. 

Lots of people are dyslexic and find reading and writing tricky.  There may be others in your school, class or family who have similar needs.  Everyone has things that they are good at and things that they find hard.  Everyone is different.  Try to think about the things you do well and remember that there are many famous and talented people who have dyslexia and who have found reading and writing hard.  A list can be found here (link to sheet of famous people with dyslexia).

There are lots of ways that children can be helped with learning to read and write.  There are also lots of ways in which computers can help people, for example by reading things to them, or by helping them to write down the things they are thinking.  You can find out about some of these things on the rest of this website.

Dyslexia Organisations

There are many organisations that support parents of children with Literacy difficulties. These are some of the national and local ones.

British Dyslexia Association (BDA)

The Dyslexia- SpLD Trust (Funded by the Department for Education).

Dyslexia Institute

Local Dyslexia Support

Dyslexia West Cumbria

A voluntary organisation and registered charity, whose aim is to help dyslexic adults, children and families of those affected by dyslexia. The Association provides help and advice in many areas, including but not limited to: Specialist advice and guidance for parents and dyslexic adults; Liaison with schools and adult education centres; Links to specialised help; WCDA has close associations with Lakes College, and regularly uses the Learning Resource Centre for Befriending and Support sessions. Also runs Saturday classes for children with Literacy difficulties.

South Cumbria Dyslexia association (SCuDA)

This is a non-profit organisation offering the same sort of service as West Cumbrian association.