Learning Improvement Service - Post 16

The post-16 team within the Learning Improvement Service seek to work with all educational and training providers to improve standards and provision for post-16 young people. The main aims are to improve what young people achieve in education and training post-16 and also to increase the numbers of them staying on in education and training; that is meaningful for them and increases their opportunities in life.

Working in partnership with providers the post-16 team:

  1. Monitors standards and progress of learners (including retention) in all educational, training providers and work-based learning.
  2. Monitors learning and training opportunities to identify any areas for development so that young people's continued participation in education and training is increased.
  3. Works in partnership with other providers to address underperformance or inequality of provision.
  4. Develops and improves collaboration with both national and local partners to ensure LA statutory duties for learners are met.

One key priority of the post-16 team, and their partners, is to ensure that all young people have the necessary opportunities to participate fully in education and training in order to lead happy and productive lives.  This includes a requirement that all young people up to the age of 18 are required to be in full-time education, education with training, or employment with training.  For young people with an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) the age is up to 25.

The responsibilities of the team to fulfil the above are:

  • To ensure strategic priorities for 16-18 learning and training are effectively identified, communicated and addressed through working with national agencies and services within the Local Authority.
  • To promote and track young people's purposeful participation and progression in post-16 education and training.
  • To establish and maintain an up to date knowledge of post-16/25 curriculum in Cumbria, identifying strengths and underperformance.

Working in partnership with others, all team members contribute to any required actions to improve post-16 provision for the young people of Cumbria.

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